Gibbon is a multiuser point of sale (POS) front end or a cash register to be integrated in an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) or integrated with components for inventory, accounting and billing. Gibbon is made for retail- businesses and can be combined with an Internet store.

Gibbon is developed with systems like phpShop,Interchange, Linux Kontor, SQL-ledger and Gnu Enterprise in mind and intends to be a front end for one or a combination of these systems. The ambition is to take advantage of already made investments in existing well known systems and add a simple and flexible POS-function.Keep it simple stupid.

The Cash register is inspired of GtkPizza and pShop but is not aiming for the fast food business. The project loans its name and inspiration from a POS-project with Anders Eriksson (

The main functions of Gibbon is to create selling transactions for delivery at the cashdesk. Maintain the inventory accounting, take care of payment transactions and produce daily cashregister reports. The core functions of the cash register includes usual tasks at the cashdesk as correction of erroneous dispatches, returning items and stocktakeing.Other tasks is to monitor the Internet selling.

The object model of Gibbon is intended to make it easy to make integration with foreign systems, and even change businessrules or the graphical interface of the Cash register. There are a few simple principles or processes that are (usually) implemented as methods that makes consistentstent.

The layers are UI -> foreign> foreing system. The main categories of rules are report (CR::Report), slip (CR::Cash, Cashe register (Ca sheregisterster), Inventory (CR::Inventory), Accounting (CR::Accounting) and MainWin. The last class is the window or container for the userinterface and how it will interact with some of widgetsgets and signals.

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Feature List

  • Sale transactions
  • Other configurable transactions
  • Configurable payment methods
  • Multiple salesmen
  • Multiple Cash registers
  • Dayreport
  • Integration with Inventory system
  • Integration with accounting system
  • SQL server backend
  • Configuration Module
  • Foreign Language Support

Written in Perl, Gtk, Glade, developed on Linux and PostgreSQL to store data.


The software is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).


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