Gibbon - FAQ

  • Redhat 7.0 Installation instructions

    Thanks to Jacky Fang who provided the installation instructions.
    1. Install apache1.3.12-25.i386.rpm
    2. Install perl5.6.0-9.i386.rpm
    3. Install postgresql-7.0.2-17.i386.rpm
    4. Install postgresql-server-7.0.2-17.i386.rpm
    5. Install postgresql-devel-7.0.2-17.i386.rpm (POSTGRES_INCLUDE)
    6. tar xvzf DBI-1.14.tar.gz
    7. cd DBI-1.14
    8. perl Makefile.PL
    9. make
    10. make install
    11. cd ..
    12. tar xvzf DBD-Pg-0.95
    13. cd DBD-Pg-0.95
    14. export POSTGRES_LIB=/usr/lib/pgsql
    15. export POSTGRES_INCLUDE=/usr/include/pgsql
    16. perl Makefile.PL
    17. make
    18. make install
    19. install SQL-Ledger

  • How can I switch the display to a foreign language

    Load your preferences and select the language.
    Language selection is in accordance to ISO 3166 standards.

  • Text shows in English when I use a foreign language

    This is because the corresponding hash entry is missing. Add the missing text in the locale/cc/all or locale/cc/missing file and run to rebuild the individual files.
    cc refers to the country code.

  • Can I add fields to the tables


    Gibbon security

    1. Security largly depends on how you configure your web server and SQL server and who at the shell level has access to which files and directories.

    2. secure your SQL server
      PostgreSQL uses the pg_hba.conf file to control who has access to the server. Assuming you are on a private network (, your database is called 'mycompany' and you connect with user 'dbuser', then add
         host    mycompany    dbuser ident

    3. you can additionally secure the tables from unauthorized access by setting up a different database user and GRANT rights. For instance, users without DELETE rights will still be able to use the program, change customers or vendors but may not change or delete transactions. To lock all the tables GRANT SELECT rights only.